About Us

STARS Social Club began as a vision to provide a safe and inclusive environment for adults with learning difficulties; a place for people to meet, learn and enjoy.

We want to create a community for people to feel included, listened to and valued and we want to promote health, wellbeing and co-operation. 

The Social Club will deliver a programme designed to build confidence and create friendships using team/group activities. Aiming to promote co-operation and skill building  (for more details please visit our 'Information' page).


 Is this the whole vision? Oh no..... the future looks like this:

Sports teams and possibly a sports league: we believe wholeheartedly in the positives of exercise and being part of a team.

Days out: all aboard and heading out for the day as a family.

Work experience programme: we believe if possible, it will help to build confidence and new friendships.

We want this Club to feel like home, to all who visit; staffed by a committed and passionate team who believe wholeheartedly in our vision, working hard to bring it to life.


Come and join the STARS family!

STARS Social Club is the sister centre for S.T.A.R.S Adult Day Centre, to go: www.starsdaycare.co.uk to see more.